How do I use AIRNERGY?

Considering the individual aspects of the AIRNERGY principle, they are comparable to many other methods or therapies. But: Only AIRNERGY can offer the benefit of the overall spectrum, since it is holistic, i.e. systemically related to the whole organism. And this with much less effort and much higher comfort. Just breathe as always. Ideally 21 minutes a day. If necessary, also outside practice. Completely private and convenient at your home or office.

And this is how an AIRNERGY application works:
Put on nose glasses, press start – and breathe for 21 minutes. Breathe normally. As you are used to. 21 minutes of AIRNERGY a day is enough to do something good for yourself.

In order to experience the appropriate level of applications for you and to avoid individual overdoses (e.g. in the case of severe chronic diseases), please talk to your doctor or our specialist.

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