Marvin Albert (born 1996), an internet entrepreneur from Worms/Cologne, not only had a fine nose when, outside the health matrix, as he publicly calls it, he was looking for advice for a better quality of life, especially for his 80-year-old grandfather and himself, and after a short e-mail exchange he appeared at AIRNERGY in Hennef.

In short: the down-to-earth expectations of the grandparents as well as their own were confirmed after a few weeks and occasionally exceeded. With the broad result: to combine two future technologies in the sense of democratizing prevention and to make them accessible to a wider range.

brain+ is designed for people who want to experience their own and family health practically at home at the touch of a button and support their own vitalization with specially composed neobeats. Reliable data providers report up to 25% higher brain power. In addition, brain+ has value, up-to-date digital training, financing, even transparent refinancing offers and more in the partner program.

AIRNERGY & neobeats are pioneers in the field of „brain training of the future“. With neobeats, too, it is not power or potency that is decisive, but fineness and precision.
Neobeats has also been shown to produce the finest frequencies that are brought into the cell acoustically, with AIRNERGY bringing this into the immediate breathing atmosphere for 20 years with the proven vitalizers.

More info about brain training of the future: Documentary „The Little Atmos“