HOW do I use AIRNERGY and WHERE can I test it?

WHERE can I test it?

Would you like to get to know the AIRNERGY Somatovital therapy and not initially decide to buy your own AIRNERGY device? Around 1,000 AIRNERGY devices are available for use at various medical institutions and commercial institutions nationwide.

Recommended and proven treatment series of at least 10 or 20 applications are recommended and proven. For chronic ailments such as COPD or AMD, daily or multiple daily use is not to be replaced. Basically and depending on the reason why AIRNERGY should be used: at least 10 applications per 20 minutes on a professional device such as the Airnergy Medical Plus or Professional Plus to get a first impression.


Here you will find locations of partners where you can try spirovital therapy.

To find the nearest and/or suitable provider of the AIRNERGY method at your place of residence, please use our nationwide location search here. By state or postcode area, you can find exactly the doctor, therapist or commercial provider that suits you – or to whom you fit.


Video Quick Start Guide: Turn on devices – put on breathing glasses…

During AIRNERGY spirovital therapy, wear light breathing glasses or a breathing headset. You can use AIRNERGY while lying or sitting and breathe as always. During the application you can close your eyes, relax and rest for a while. If this does not allow your time schedule, you can also read, make phone calls, continue working on your computer or watch TV. AIRNERGY unfolds the energy in the body even without your intervention. Here we show you with a short video how easy the application is and you put on the breathing glasses correctly: