Do you allow yourself to breathe again…?

Allow your body to breathe!

The achievements of medicine have contributed to the fact that the expected age of life is steadily increasing. This makes it all the more important to be able to experience the second half of life without any significant restrictions on health and vitality. …

… Counteracting the aging process with healthy and natural methods (self-responsible) makes sense at almost every stage of life. AIRNERGY was designed for this purpose, but also as an accompanying therapy, if chronic diseases are already present, as well as against energy deficiency or sleep disorders.

A healthy lifestyle includes the intake of nutritious foods such as water, fruits and vegetables, as well as regular physical training through walks, gymnastics and sports. This is well known. Depending on the circumstances and at certain stages of life, however, it is also necessary to support the body’s own oxygen utilization, at the cell level, because through breathing we incesinuly absorb the atmospheric oxygen for energy production, which is indispensable in each of the more than 60 trillion body cells in every second of our lives.

We are often not sufficiently aware of this. The optimal utilization of oxygen from the breathing air is a top priority for health, as well as for one’s own regulation and regeneration. This is especially true for energy metabolism, heart and brain metabolism strengthening as well as for cell building and protection.

75 percent of the ingested atmospheric oxygen is exhaled unused,

the human being is a relatively bad breathing-air utilizer. Of the 21 percent oxygen present in the breathing air, only about 25 percent can be used by the human organism. Seventy-five percent are exhaled unused – one reason why life can be saved by mouth-to-mouth breathing.

With age, diseases, stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and environmental stress, the body’s ability to optimally supply oxygen continues to decline.

The bottleneck is therefore not the supply of atmospheric oxygen itself, or its concentration, but the ability of the body to use the sufficiently available oxygen in the cells for energy metabolism. An increased supply of oxygen therefore makes little sense.

The solution:

The quality instead of quantity of oxygen.
Do not increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the body, but optimize the usability of the existing oxygen for the body. This is done without the addition of foreign substances, increased oxygen, without ionization or ozone. In the form of breathing air and in a device that is accessible to everyone. This is AIRNERGY.

Today you will find AIRNERGY in the luggage of a world-renowned pianist, a singer…

AIRNERGY is used in doctor’s offices, clinics and rehabilitation centers, for workplace health promotion for employees, in the head office, in the living room, in anti-aging institutions and spas.

AIRNERGY can be picked up while sitting or lying down. The experience of millions of individual applications has shown that the AIRNERGY device can already set a lot of energy in motion in the organism, verifiable using ECG technology (HRV test). The user wears light breathing goggles or a comfortable headset and breathes as always. Regular AIRNERGY breathing increases the body’s ability to regenerate, leads to a strengthening of the immune system, optimizes energy metabolism and thus increases the vitality and zest for life.

Through a technology modelled on nature.

The AIRNERGY method uses a crucial process of nature that has existed for millions of years, e.g. in photosynthesis, the interaction of sunlight and the leafy green chlorophyll.

In the AIRNERGY device, atmospheric oxygen is constantly brought into its more energy-rich state (singlet oxygen) – the physically active form of oxygen that the body knows. This enables a patent-protected process that is technologically modelled on the natural processes of photosynthesis in green leaves.

The AIRNERGY method can help to limit diseases, their duration, frequency and effects. As the body consumes less energy with the restoration of its system, the general vitality and well-being can increase.

Oxygen energy therapy (spirovital therapy) measurably improves the lung function and regulatory capacity of the vegetative nervous system VNS. The VNS is our top control and control centre, which controls and regulates e.g. hormonal system, nervous system, immune system, energy production, regeneration and repair processes.
The FEV1% increases significantly, as does HRV heart rate variability.
The SET is mainly used for COPD, pulmonary emphysema, asthma and macular degeneration.

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