How is somatovital therapy used?

The application of our devices is very simple and requires only a few steps. If you also follow a few basic rules, you will enjoy your AIRNERGY device for a very long time. All our devices are of course supplied with a detailed user manual. In the following we have summarized the most important points for you:

Connecting the power supply and the air filter:

Connect the device on the back of the device to the power supply via the supplied power supply. Insert the air filter clockwise at the back of the device into the air filter connector. The air filter should be replaced every 50 operating hours. After reaching the 50 operating hours, the „Filter change“ notice will automatically appear on the display of the device.

Use of the glass bottle:

Please be careful and cautious with the glass parts to avoid glass breakage and consequently cuts.

Please rinse the glass bottle well before use. For one application, approx. 250 ml of still and low-calcareous water is required. This corresponds to a half-full bottle. This amount of water must not be exceeded. The glass bottle should be filled with fresh water before each application. To achieve a strong effect, you can drink the energized water in a timely manner after use (gastrovital therapy).

Proper insertion of the bubble element:

For almost all devices, the bubble element and glass bottle consist of two separate parts. Only with the AvantGarde models, the sparkling element is firmly integrated into the glass bottle.

Always insert the bubble element loosely – please never press firmly into the bottle! When inserting and removing the bubble element, make sure that it is always moved straight and not at an angle. The bubble element is made of very sensitive glass parts and must therefore be treated with the utmost care.

Proper insertion of the glass bottle and connection of the bubble element:

Carefully insert the filled glass bottle into the recess on the top of the device. Connect the bubble element’s adapter to the connector jack. The adapter snaps in. To release, press the small white handles of the adapter and pull it upwards. Please never pull directly on the hoses. If the adapter should snap in with difficulty, the black sealing rings can be lightly greased (e.g. with Vaseline).

Connecting and putting on the breathing goggles:

For hygiene reasons, each user should use their own breathing goggles.

  1. Put the breathing goggles on the front of the device on the outlet nozzle.
  2. Put the breathing goggles on the nose…
  3. … and place the hose on the right and left over the ears
  4. With the ring, you can tighten or further tighten the breathing goggles as desired.

In order to neutralize the odour of a new breathing goggles, we recommend taking the breathing goggles out of the packaging for a while before use and letting the AIRNERGY air flow through for odour neutralization before putting them on.

Initial operation:

Press the POWER button to turn on the device. The device starts with a self-test.

Use the PLUS and MINUS buttons to set the desired duration of treatment. Factory settings are 21 minutes for devices with 4 vitalizers, 40 minutes for devices with 2 vitalizers.

Select between 3 intensity levels (50% / 75% / 100%) via the INTENSITY button. The factory setting is 100%.

The selected setting can be saved using the MEMORY button for your next applications.

By pressing the START button, you start the application. Continue breathing normally.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the handling of our devices?

Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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