New AIRNERGY design model „Cheops“

A Royal Long – Introducing New AIRNERGY Design Model „Cheops“

The AvantGarde design series has proven to be a success since its launch in 2010. The customers who have until then dispensed with the spirovitalization at home or in the office, also because the classic line from AIRNERGY does not always look appealing enough visually, can now look forward to a new highlight from the prototype forge under the direction of Kurt Sistig: a pyramid that exactly corresponds to the dimensions and angles of the original Cheops pyramid on a scale of 1/440. The lower leg size corresponds to a royal, i.e. exactly 52.36 cm. AIRNERGY Managing Director Guido Bierther, was appointed in this new design idea by Dipl.-Ing., Bau-Ing. Axel Klitzke (, supported.

Starting in 2014, the new AIRNERGY „Cheops“ model will go into series production with the proven 4 vitalizer technology. Individual customer requests in terms of material and colour are often addressed as with the Avant Garde. The first „Cheops“ prototype was made in sandwich construction from crystal clear and white acrylic glass. Finishes in precious wood are also possible. Another AIRNERGY model for individualists who are convinced not only during the spirovitalization: „The eye breathes with us“.

If you are interested in the AIRNERGY design model „Cheops“, we look forward to your inquiry.

Your exclusive 8m² health resort

Spirovital therapy as a customer magnet

AIRNERGY_4er_Tower_LuftkurortAt trade fairs and events, there is a constant demand as to whether a multiple station is available in order to be able to offer AIRNERGY in the smallest space. The solution is this AIRNERGY tower. Up to four AIRNERGY devices can be used simultaneously in the smallest space. A lockable compartment provides sufficient space to accommodate accessories such as a stock of breathing goggles. On request, we can design an individual design corresponding to your Coperate design or install LED displays for you, for example for your own presentations.

Custom made designs

AIRNERGY devices are available for a wide range of requirements and design requirements – on request we design and manufacture an individual system for you – e.g. in the corporate design of your company, the colours of your association, etc. Here you can see a selection of special models later realized according to customer requirements:

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Sam Schmidt“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Rubens Barrichello“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Jenson Button“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Alex Tagliani“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „1. FC Cologne“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Hertha BSC“

AIRNERGY custom order „ASICS“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Burj al Arab“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Lamborgini“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Mikimoto“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Nick Heidfeld“

AIRNERGY custom order „Nürburgring“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Postbank“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Power Plate“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „Radisson“

AIRNERGY Custom order „Steigenberger Hotel“

AIRNERGY custom order „TSV 1860 Munich“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „VBSK Jet pilots“

AIRNERGY Custom Order „VLN“