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21.12.2020 – Airnergy Newsletter

On behalf of Airnergy, I am pleased to be able to send you a newsletter at the end of this eventful and eventful year, which gives you an overview of what we do and what we do.

The new circumstances around „Corona“ with all the far-reaching effects, severe limitations and consequences have of course also left their mark on Airnergy. But above all we see „light at the end of the tunnel“. At Airnergy, we took advantage of the forced break imposed, preparing our company and the media for the new era

Yes, Corona is this year’s overpowering theme. Not a day goes by without us not having to hear or see any horror stories again. And so humanity observes the development around Corona – divided by different public opinion – on the one hand longingly, on the other hand anxious, ignorant and waiting for the vaccine, for the supposedly healing elixir. Not knowing yet whether this new form of vaccination can protect against the current threats at all, permanently or at least for a longer period of time. Thus, the hope, but also the uncertainty, remains whether the expected side effects do not exceed the real problem. The list of ingredients should sooner or later provide information.

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AIRNERGY Keep Calm and Breath Aware

Dear employees, dear customers, partners and friends of our company, today, September 28, 2018, the publication date of this newsletter, AIRNERGY has turned 18 years young! This is, I think, a special occasion for joy and gratitude. When I founded the company in 2000, I had no idea what turbulent times would lie ahead. The goal of our work – to provide more energy from the air we breathe – did not meet with approval everywhere. On the contrary: At first we were often ridiculed and even insulted. Reason: Every person breathes in air completely „automatically“. And this air is after all, whether indoors or outdoors, whether above or below, almost everywhere and, moreover, available free of charge. … Continue reading

  1. Happy Birthday, AIRNERGY!
  2. AIRNERGY song as birthday serenade
  3. Birthday video
  4. New AIRNERGY publication „The Little Atmos“
  5. SPIROYAL® – new AIRNERGY brand for the highest customer demands
  6. Increased cooperation with salt caves & forest caves
  7. Cooperation with Berlin „Gesundheitslounge“
  8. Highlight: The new „Himalaya“ in fascinating design and limited edition
  9. AIRNERGY helps athletes achieve sustainable regeneration
  10. AIRNERGY success story: „Smiled at, insulted – admired, rewarded“
  11. „ORTHOpress“ reports on STREAM (HS) and its variety of applications
  12. „Paracelsus-Magazin“: „The smallest climatic health resort in the world is of age“
  13. AIRNERGY again represented at „Medical Week“ in Baden-Baden
  14. Bio Bärbel and AIRNERGY – a successful partnership for 18 months
  15. INAKARB Analysis Days with AIRNERGY Participation
  16. Current Röber video post „What do we breathe and where is the water?“
  17. Reference of the year
  18. AIRNERGY shows its flag

Dear employees, dear customers, partners and friends of our company, as I wrote at this point just three months ago about an unrelenting winter, the situation has now been reversed. Summer has come to Germany with all its might – and long before its time. Temperatures of more than 30 degrees were not uncommon in May. So let us rejoice in the abundance of sunshine this spring and use the warm months to enjoy and explore the blossoming nature, to recharge our batteries and protect ourselves … Continue reading

  1. AIRNERGY cooperates with INAKARB
  2. AIRNERGY participation in the first edition of the Swiss health magazine „STARK & VITAL“
  3. Third part of the „Air“ series released
  4. Professor Dr. Klaus Jung died
  5. Dr. Uwe Uellendahl – a naturopath with a heart
  6. „References of the month“ – Selection 2nd Quarter 2018
  7. New rental offer for AIRNERGY customers

Dear employees, dear customers, partners and friends of the company, the winter of this year is persistently relentless. Cold snaps with temperatures in the double-digit minus range, coupled with stormy winds and partly heavy snowfalls, and this well into spring, not only cause numerous traffic jams on the roads and high heating costs, but also health problems in particular. So it is no wonder that so many are affected by the still current flu wave, which is also particularly severe this year, and often suffer from high fever, severe cough, chills, neck and joint pain or sinusitis for weeks. Even the triple vaccine administered does not rule out all the risks of infection this season – and painkillers for influenza are largely ineffective. … Continue reading

  1. In the AIRNERGY Aroma Set: essential oils as additional components of spirovitalization
  2. Dr. Alberto Duque in an interview with the stations „SteinZeit TV“ and NeueHorizonte.TV
  3. AIRNERGY at SALMED – International Technical Exhibition for Medical Technology in Poznan (Poland)
  4. New AIRNERGY flyer released
  5. „References of the Month“ – Selection 1st Quarter 2018
  6. Successfully fight the flu with the STREAM HS
  7. AIRNERGY cooperation with organic shops

Dear employees, dear customers, partners and friends of the company, 2017 will be the end of a particularly eventful year for AIRNERGY. It was marked by numerous new developments. Many positive, but unfortunately also some negative ones. But – and this is the decisive factor: We at AIRNERGY have mastered the challenges with bravura! This would not have been possible without our active employees. They are all part of our outstanding team, which works tirelessly and enthusiastically for the interests of our company. But also our many customers, partners and friends identify themselves with AIRNERGY and support the now 17-year-old with heart and soul in their respective environments. This is far from self-evident and I would like to thank you for this in particular. I am very happy to be able to work with you!! … Continue reading

  1. Successful Medical Week in Baden-Baden
  2. COPD Day on November 15
  3. Professor Röber spoke in Shanghai
  4. Prominent visit to Bio Bärbel
  5. Second article of the „Air“ series published
  6. Letter of thanks from Dr. Alberto Duque to moderator Robert Stein
  7. New films of the „Gesundheitslounge“ now available online
  8. Diplomatic representation relies on AIRNERGY
  9. new platform for alternative thinking

Dear customers, partners and friends of AIRNERGY, dear employees, it was 17 years ago – it was on September 28, 2000 – that the original airline of AIRNERGY was founded. 17 years in which we have been able to demonstrate to the public the importance of spirovital therapy, in which we have been able to use our products to help countless people around the world, where our work has been recognized by renowned professionals – scientists, doctors, health professionals – and patients, and in which we have received international recognition, important awards and awards for this. … Read more

  1. Happy Birthday, AIRNERGY!
  2. With corners and edges: the „Octagon“
  3. Versatile little helper: comfortable STREAM HS convinces
  4. Successful summer season at Bio Bärbel
  5. Special print „Bio Bärbel und AIRNERGY“ will be published shortly
  6. „So indispensable and yet so neglected“: first post of the new „Air“ series published
  7. Nicole Renneberg from the Gesundheitslounge to film production at AIRNERGY
  8. breathing goggles phthalate-free

Dear customers, partners and friends of AIRNERGY, we are pleased to present you some new and interesting developments in our company in the current newsletter. It remains one of AIRNERGY’s most urgent tasks to raise awareness of the immense importance of our food „air“ and, along with it, to build trust for the vital spirovitalization that is so important. … Read more

  1. Testimonials from doctors and therapists now available
  2. AIRNERGY at „Bio Bärbel“ in Eitorf
  3. QuantiSana.TV: Cooperation with Swiss Television
  4. Small „air spa“ with a wide range of applications
  5. New partners for export to China
  6. Video selfie by Ottmar Hitzfeld
  7. Old for New: Replacement of AIRNERGY Vitalizers
  8. New edition COPD Compendium
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