In numerous, therapeutic practice observations and studies as well as after approximately 20 years of experience and several million individual applications in most diverse ranges of application the AIRNERGY principle shows amazing results, which let prick up attention among other things in medical as well as scientific circles. AIRNERGY, since its foundation in 2000, has always strived to be transparent and to provide professionals and the general public with the evidence necessary for the further recognition of the method (spirovitalization). AIRNERGY has been extensively and critically researched and tested by renowned scientists and institutions in the fields of medicine, biochemistry and especially biophysics. AIRNERGY belongs to the scientific circle of bionics and is not comparable with previous methods that increase oxygen (SMT), ionize it or add ozone. The AIRNERGY method is based on the interaction of light, air and water within the framework of the atmosphere. This is done on the model of nature, similar to what has been happening in the context of photosynthesis for millions of years.

Due to the Heilmittelwerbegesetz [German law on the advertising of medicinal products] (HWG), we are obliged to point out that both the therapy method presented here and its effect despite the measurable results (e.g. by means of an ECG technology, the HRV measurement (heart rate variability) may not be legally proven here as medical or conventional medicine or to be described as a medical device. However, this does not automatically call into question the effectiveness of therapy and product, but follows in the formulation of the rightly strict German legislation, which is intended solely to protect consumers who are often not medically competent.

Code of Ethics: here you can access the self-imposed AIRNERGY Code of Ethics.

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