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The problem of high blood pressure is like a creeping poison. The health hazard referred to in the medical language „arterial hypertension“ often reveals its scope only when serious consequences such as stroke or heart attack occur.

Because hypertension initially causes hardly any discomfort, it usually remains unrecognized for a long time and is therefore not treated.

In the state of hypertension, there is almost 24 hours of pressure in the blood vessels virtually around the clock – an enormous strain on the circulation, which ultimately causes damage to the heart.

This permanent overload leads to a stronger vascular aging that is onset earlier than usual. Result: poorer blood circulation.

High blood pressure is the leading risk factor associated with stroke, heart failure and heart attack. The final stage of these complications is premature disability and death.
By the way, high blood pressure is often also the cause of eye diseases (up to blindness) or kidney complications and finally kidney failure.

Internal processes such as circulatory functions and cardiac activity are closely related to the functionality of the vegetative nervous system from a medical point of view (see Symppathics and Parasympathics). The demonstrably positive effect of AIRNERGY is thus also experienced and measurable when it comes to maintaining or restoring a healthy cardiovascular situation.

Circulatory problems as a result of stress, overload in everyday life and work as well as harmful environmental or environmental influences are clearly among the health restrictions that can be naturally counteracted with AIRNERGY therapy, without additional medications and possible side effects.

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Spirovital therapy was awarded the „Science Award 2014“ by the IPO (International Prevention Organisation) as an essential part of the somatovital therapy concept. This has been a recognition of the efforts of renowned authorities to explore the scientific foundations that have been the basis for AIRNERGY’s success for around 15 years. The publication of the textbooks was also the basis for this. Below are some book excerpts on AMD. The books can be ordered through the bookshop.

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Book excerpts

Dr. Klaus Jung / Dr. phil. Dinah Jung (2014) Handbook on Somatovital Therapy Part II: Studies and Practical Experiences – Monsenstein and Vannerdat

Introduction of hypertension

During lectures on the mode of action and applications of spirovital therapy in Russia, not only the high incidences of hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, apoplex, myocardial infarction and tinnitus were surprising to me, but also the information about their good treatment successes when using this new naturopathic therapy option.

Of more than 300 evaluated patient data from a large supra-regional treatment center in China, approximately 45 percent of all patients with primary (essential) hypertension were well adjusted via conventional drug therapy, and after the additional inclusion of spirovital therapy, the success rate increased to about 85 percent.

The effect became all the more clear the longer the spirovitalization was performed at 1-2 times a week (160/ 100 mmHg on average after 1 month, 140/ 90 mmHg after 3 and 120/ 80 mmHg after 6 months). This positive development of blood pressure normalization in patients with primary hypertension was the reason for an evaluation of the corresponding data in this country and their evaluation.

Hypertension Diagnostics

In addition to anamnesis (cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, Diabetes, medications, smoking habits, body weight, physical fitness, eating habits) and several blood pressure measurements (possibly additional lynotal 24 hours) are available for laboratory examinations (especially creatinine and uric acid), ECG and echocardiography, as well as for the exclusion of organ changes and secondary hypertension forms additional examinations of the eye background, (Doppler) sonography of the vessels leading to the head, examinations of the kidneys,

Standardised blood pressure measurements are of paramount importance. This includes a sufficient rest period before the individual measurements, the choice of the measuring point at cardiac height, measurements on both arms (time distance at least 5 min) and a cuff width adapted to the upper arm circumference. The cuff is inflated approx. 30 mmHg above the expected systolic blood pressure, the pressure is slowly drained and the first (systolic pressure) and the last sound (diastolic pressure) are recorded.

Specific effects of spirovital therapy

Adequate oxygen supply such as homeostasis of the oxidative balance are basic prerequisites for the life and health of higher organisms. In the case of disorders, functional impairments up to the development of chronic diseases resulting in death are to be expected. Blood pressure regulation is also affected. Regulatory degeneration (deficits of certain enzymes, over-control due to stress, misdirected crosslinking) are possible, especially due to the strong oxygen dependence of the responsible neuron populations (circular centres) in the brain, the vegetative centers (central and peripheral) and local mediators (especially nitric oxide/nitric oxide/ NO and guylate cycls).

An improved supply of oxygen to the blood pressure regulating neuron populations of the circulatory center in the brain and its mitochondrial utilization are guarantors for increased ATP production (the main energy supplier for all functions of higher living beings) and thus for an energization (activation) of the regulation processes controlled by these centers (control loops). The same applies to the vegetative nerve centers, the kidney and the local presso and strain receptors, which are also highly oxygen-dependent.

In addition, nerves and receptor cells with their preferred energy source (glucose) already have a relatively higher oxygen requirement than, for example, the muscle that preferably burns fat in the aerobic area. For the most important endothelial factor of vascular wall relaxation (vasodilation) the nitric oxide NO is recognized, which is released by a still largely unknown oxidation step (with the help of „energized“ oxygen) from the amino acid L-arginine and stimulates the soluble guanylate cyclse. This in turn catalyzes the transition from GTP (guanisin triphosphate) to GMP (guanosine monophosphate), which acts as a „second messenger“ in the intracellular mediation of hormonal effects and contributes significantly to the redox regulation of the vascular tone (fine adjustment via oxidation status).

While certain oxidants (such as hydrogen peroxide H2O2 and superoxide O2) cause vascular expansion, other acidic radicals (intermediate metabolites of intracellular metabolism, stress, age, pollutants, disorders of the basic substance) require a vascular constriction (vasoconstriction). The NADPH oxidase stimulated by „activated“ oxygen can cause a harmonious balance by balancing the oxidative status and thus contribute significantly to homeostasis of blood pressure regulation. Natural healing methods aim at these processes through an active change of lifestyle (for example, via the five pillars of Kneipp therapy) by reducing the exposure to oxygen radicals or by forcing their neutralization, while at the same time seeking to increase the oxygen supply and its utilization.

Spirovital therapy mimics the „natural“ energization of the body with the help of „technically“ generated active oxygen.

Summarized evaluation

Primary hypertension is a complex dysfunction of blood pressure regulation largely unknown, mostly multicausal genesis with initially asymptomatic course with slow progression. A connection with insufficiency supply or utilization of oxygen as well as an imbalance of oxidative status seems to be given, indication of the therapeutically successful chance of spirovital therapy.

This is also the case with the information available so far from patients and therapists, as well as the first study results. In summary, the following results can be derived from this, which are available as guidelines for a complementary use of spirovital therapy in the case of essential hypertension:

  • Start of spirovital therapy with continuation of the previous therapy (medication).
  • Significant reduction in blood pressure (previously partly resistant RR values).
  • In the following period (weeks to months) invariably drug reduction.
  • Significant increase in the subjective state of all those affected.
  • Blood pressure normalization in many (not all) cases.
  • Discontinuation of all tablets that lower blood pressure is possible in many cases.
  • Full effect on average only after 3 weeks to 3 months.
  • Continuation of spirovital therapy despite normalization (lowering) of blood pressure.
  • Despite (not recommended) discontinuation of the spirovital therapy effect lasting several weeks to months.
  • Additional positive effects on other, especially vegetative disorders (sleep, energy status, performance).
  • No side effects known.

This confirms the data obtained from a first (Chinese) practical study for European patients. Spirovital therapy is an important addition/extension of the conventional therapy of primary hypertension.

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