The daily newspaper Rheinische Post (RP online) headlined on 4 July 2011 on the topic of asthma

„Millions struggle for air – asthma, the fear of seizure“

This addresses a problem of which about 5 to 6 percent of all German adults (children: up to 10%) affected: asthma.
The „sick“ shortness of breath – bronchial asthma is the complete greek term of the disease – is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract that leads to bouts of shortness of breath. The airways (brochialobstruction) narrow, as well as increased mucus formation, cramping of the respiratory muscles and formation of edema between the bronchial mucosa and the bronchial skin.

All these symptoms listed are a sign of an increased function of the parasymapthikus, which is responsible for regeneration and repair processes. His opponent is the sympathetic, responsible for „fight and escape situations“, it causes the opposite, enlargement of the bronchi, expansion of the pulmonary vesicles, reduction of mucus formation, reduction of edema formation between bronchial mucosa and bronchi, and suppression or stopping the inflammatory processes. Does our body produce these symptoms by mistake, out of stupidity, is it fate, coincidence, or are there precise biological reasons for them that are not yet visible or known to us?

Asthma is considered by experts to be by far the most common chronic inflammatory disease. According to textbook medicine, asthmatics react too strongly to harmless triggers in asthmatics. Even on relatively small occasions, the mucous membrane is reddened with inflammatory redness, as well as the symptoms and discomfort already mentioned.

In seizure situations, breathing is comparatively as difficult for sufferers as healthy people to blow out a burning candle through a straw. In particular, the air shortage associated with an asthma attack is problematic for sufferers, as it triggers restlessness and massive anxiety, speech difficulties and nausea. In addition to organic ailments due to the often massive anxiety, asthma is also a psychological problem, which is a double burden on health and makes it difficult to start treatment.

In Germany, asthma has long been defined as a common disease – a clear indication of the increase in cases. In addition to the usual therapy measures (e.g. medications and accompanying psychotherapy to counter the fear of seizures), the breathing air energized by AIRNERGY technology can help to improve the dysbalance of the vegetative nervous system as a superior control and control center and thus to alleviate the symptoms.

An essential aspect of the effectiveness of AIRNERGY in asthma is explained by its direct influence on the function of sympathetic and parasympathetic, more precisely: its effect on alveoli (pulmonary vesicles), bronchi and mucus formation.

Read some testimonials of satisfied customers who regularly use AIRNERGY as basic therapy and let us know about their experiences.

Published on 20.06.2014

Short video: What happens in the organism through AIRNERGY?


Oxygen-energy-therapy (spirovital therapy) measurably improves the lung function and regulatory capacity of the vegetative nervous system VNS. The VNS is our top control and control centre, which controls and regulates e.g. hormonal system, nervous system, immune system, energy production, regeneration and repair processes. The FEV1% increases significantly, as does HRV heart rate variability.

Spirovital therapy is mainly used for COPD, pulmonary emphysema, asthma and macular degeneration and has been awarded the 2014 Science Award of the IPO (International Prevention Organisation) as an essential part of the somatovital therapy concept.

This has been a recognition of the efforts of renowned bodies to explore the scientific foundations that have been the basis for airNERGY’s success for about 15 years. The publication of the textbooks was also the basis for this. Below are some book excerpts on AMD. The books can be ordered through the bookshop.

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