Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers can provide valuable help. On the one hand, they can naturally prevent the mucous membranes from drying out (e.g. caused by heating air or air conditioning in closed rooms) and on the other hand they can accompany, maintain or even optimize regeneration processes.

This was also confirmed by Jibin Chi MD MBA MBI, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy and winner of the Art of Air Award initiated by AIRNERGY at the time: „Strengthening respiratory function and the immune system are two key strategies in the fight against the coronavirus and its further spread. In this respect, AIRNERGY is an excellent tool for individuals or self-responsible families who want to protect themselves in general or have become infected with this or a similar flu virus. The vitalization via breathing with AIRNERGY can support the breathing function as well as the construction of the body’s own protective systems according to experience. Thus, the own self-healing powers as well as the own immune system can rather be maintained or strengthened and the body can be supplied with essential electrical energy, so to speak from the pharmacy of nature and thus on a cellular level with vital and usable breathing atmosphere, as is known so far only from the so-called „forest bathing“.

As is well known, neither oxygen is increased, nor ionized or ozone is added. The user breathes air in the natural composition.

Attention: Due to some requests, a note for the use of an AIRNERGY-Vitalisator by several persons: The breathing goggles used during breathing via the vitalizer may only be used by one person. The breathing-nosed goggles must not / should not be „shared“ with a second person.

In individual cases, the breathing-nosed goggles / breathing goggles can be cleaned after use by immersing them in boiling water for a few seconds. Otherwise, the usual hygiene conditions recommended by AIRNERGY must be observed, in particular to which is currently also referred to by the German government. Example:

Important information and tips on the behaviour during the current coronavirus pandemic were recently on Swiss television as part of Dr. med.“ Andres Bircher, naturopath and grandson of the famous Dr. med Maximilian Bircher-Benner. In a conversation with moderator Alexander Glogg, he also explains the background to the fear, concern and hysteria in the population in view of the current situation. The article can be accessed via

Please also note our legal notice at this point:

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