How bronchi can breathe more calmly despite COPD.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a life-threatening lung disease – about 14% of adult humanity is said to be affected.

COPD is a lung disease on the rise. It affects around 600 million people worldwide – and the number is rising. Spirovital therapy enables COPD sufferers to alleviate their symptoms and experience a new quality of life through this therapy.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a collective term for chronic respiratory diseases. The main feature is the production of thick, purulent mucus in the lungs, which is difficult to cough up. Emphysema also often develops.

This leads to shortness of breath and makes everyday activities extremely difficult for those affected. The probable cause of COPD is years of lung overload, e.g. by smoking or a job contaminated with fine dust. The extent to which the disease has progressed can be determined by the lung function test. This indicates, among other things, with the FEV1 value, how much air can be exhaled in one second. The results are divided into the so-called GOLD stages. In GOLD I, the symptoms are still not pronounced, while GOLD IV often means that the quality of life is extremely limited.
Lung damage is generally considered irreversible. Only individual symptoms can be reduced. Studies have impressively proven that spirovital therapy can achieve exceptionally good results, especially in lung diseases. In contrast to classical oxygen therapy, spirovitalization does not require a higher amount of oxygen but a higher quality. This allows the lungs to use oxygen better at the same performance. The results are often fewer colds, a easier coughing of the mucus and thus a freer breathing. A higher sense of well-being and more physical energy are the results. Many users even report that it is easier for them to walk and climb stairs again.

Spirovital therapy is accepted by patients and is well tolerated by the body. Neither oxygen is increased, nor ionized, nor is ozone added. Without supply of chemical substances

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