The word creation „Airnergetics“ comes from Herbert Grönemeyer, for whom AIRNERGY, for example, has the paradoxical quality of simultaneously „invigorating and reassuring“ and therefore belongs to his daily life, such as brushing teeth and showering. Under his term, we now want to collect testimonial selfies.

Although we publish our scientific commitment and our awards – a rarity due to lobbying in complementary medicine – it seems more personal to us to let the users themselves have their say. So when Ottmar Hitzfeld and his wife Beatrix heard about our campaign inspired by Herbert Grönemeyer, they kindly agreed to create the first selfie video of this kind for us.

We would like to invite you, who perhaps like many other users are already using AIRNERGY for themselves or in your practice, to do the same.

May your statement help others feel or rediscover their amazement at the wonders of nature.

Magdalena Neuner (today: Holzer)

Record world champion and Olympic champion in biathlon
currently ARD expert and commentator on biathlon

Ottmar Hitzfeld

Ottmar Hitzfeld

Football coach

Timo Bracht AIRNERGY

Timo Bracht

Competitive Athlete | Triathlon Pro | European Champion | Ironman – Participants

Airnergy in Jaban

Dr. med. Yasuko Ishikawa

Immunologist from Tokio, Japan

Benny Clausing

Benny Clausing

Managing Director and Publisher

Bülent Ceylan

Bülent Ceylan

(November 2019)

Bülent Ceyland AIRNERGY Rezension

Bülent Ceylan

(December 2020)

Mark Kühler

Master mason & TV presenter

Videosammlung Dr. Jorge Alberto Duque Mejía

Dr. Jorge Alberto Duque

Physicians, Columbia

Videobild Markus Krahe Airnergetiker

Markus Krahe

Forwarding merchant

Tommy Klein

Sales manager

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