„If you want to lead your team successfully, you must know the way and have already reached the goal once.“

(learned from Dominik Neidhart, sailor in Team Alinghi, winner of the XXXI Americas Cup)

Michael F. Koch (Journalist in the DFJV German Association of Specialized Journalists):

Mr. Bierther – since you spoke about the goals, the work and the work of AIRNERGY in an interview about 3 years ago, a lot has happened. What is there to report since then?

Guido Bierther, founder and CEO of AIRNERGY:

True, we have achieved a lot. We had headwind, which we are used to. In particular, however, we were pleased with the constantly growing approval of our users and therapists. For the first time we received a science prize on the way to further acceptance. I will go into this later.

We benefit from the fact that an understanding and awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle – also in the medical sense – is becoming increasingly established in our society. Health no longer becomes an issue only when we are ill (and want to get well again), but it is primarily about staying healthy. The fully comprehensive insurance mentality, i.e. the assumption that only our health insurance would be responsible for our health as a cost carrier, is declining. The awareness of personal responsibility for one’s own health is increasing. Who recognizes modern methods for the receipt or for the recovery of the own health, is today more willingly to pay for it. Not least because most insurers often do not promote innovative methods.

Guido Bierther (born 1965), founded the company AIRNERGY on 28.09.2000


Does it also play a role that in the evaluation of recent environmental catastrophes – for example the terrible air pollution in China – the media today takes up the topic of „environmental pollution and the consequences for our health“ more critically and more warningly?


Certainly this also plays a role, although AIRNERGY also cleans the air, but superficially increases or releases the energy content, i.e. the efficiency. The energy supply directly at the base, i.e. the cell, is supported.

Today we are (finally) beginning to think about the connections between environmental damage and diseases. Also thanks to increasing education through the media.
However, criticism is also necessary here. Far too little attention is still paid to the subject of breathing air. Why this is so is not at all clear to me. Is our most important life and remedy not important enough?

Through the media we learn in many ways about spoiled or chemically poisoned food and luxury foods. But again, hardly anything about their actual ingredients. Just as little about sense or nonsense or compatibility for our cell metabolism, or about consequential damages and Co. Nut nougat cream, chocolate Santa Clauses, cola, fish sticks – all this is reported again and again in detailed TV documentaries. As some people know, such contributions are often supported by third-party financiers. In the daily „reporting“ we learn everything about fast food, weapons of war and Co., but nothing about the substance that keeps us alive and gives us new life every second.


Why do you consider oxygen to be so important in this context?


Because, as I said before, oxygen is our most important source of life. And natural, side effect free remedy – from the inside and outside. Why are we so little aware of this? We usually eat three times a day; in between we take in a few extra calories. Ideally, we should drink about 2 liters of fluid during the day.

In contrast, we breathe permanently, around the clock, without interruption. On average, adults breathe 12 to 18 times per minute. That makes 1080 breaths per hour; more than 21,000 breaths per day.

Every day we take in about 10,000 liters of air by breathing. Compared to all other foods, this is an incredibly large quantity – with a high risk potential if the air is bad. Unfortunately this is especially true in the cities.


This is impressive in terms of quantity, but does not yet finally explain the importance of oxygen as a source of energy …


The importanceLung-Handsis easy to understand: a person can survive 30 to 60 days without food – this depends very much on what his physical constitution looks like. Without water we die of thirst after three to four days, depending on temperature and environmental conditions.
Without oxygen, however, only an extremely short survival time is possible: after only 20 seconds, our brain activity ceases and we subsequently lose consciousness. After 2 to 3 minutes, irreparable damage to the brain already occurs. After ten minutes without oxygen supply, a person is declared clinically dead.


The AIRNERGY technology is now also recognized in established scientific circles. You were recently awarded the 2014 IPO (International Prevention Organization) Science Prize for your achievements in research and development. The medical journal of the Springer publishing house reported on this. Nevertheless, you still have to struggle with the headwind already mentioned. What is the reason for this?


The answer is found in a very simple question, the answer to which, by the way, helps to solve most of society’s problems: Who benefits from something and who harms it?

Assume that science would finally succeed in developing a motor vehicle that can run exclusively on alternative energy and almost maintenance-free (such concepts have long been well guarded in the vaults of the automotive industry). No more environmental pollution, no more exploitation of non-renewable energy sources. Who benefits from this? All of us. Our environment. Whom does that hurt? From the gas station attendant on the corner to the tops of the petrochemical companies, everyone who profits from the sale of petrol. The progressive concept will probably never be implemented in the foreseeable future; greed for profit and lobbyism are the reasons for this.

Nevertheless, we admit that we relied too much on the experience and feedback of our customers in the first years and that the theoretical foundations and mechanisms of action have only been scientifically explored in recent years. Thus the headwind has brought a lot of dynamics and positive aspects.


Although groceries in this country are subject to strict monitoring on the surface, the ingredients do not always have to be clearly declared. Who monitors the quality of our breathing air – and who cares about its purity?


Of course, there are official guidelines and institutions that (should) monitor their implementation. However, the implementation in reality is very coarse meshed. The knowledge to be experienced from it and/or the consequences are hardly noticeable. Or is it about lobbyism?


How do you come to such a view?


For example, by studying the official information of the „Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety“. There I learn, among other things, that as early as 1972, the German government set up a council of environmental experts with the task of „providing scientific advice on German environmental policy“. And he continues: „On January 14 (2015), the Council of Experts will present its report on „Nitrogen – solution strategies for an urgent environmental problem“. Federal Minister Hendricks accepted the expert opinion with great publicity during a photo session.

After 43 years(!) an expertise is handed over. This does not make the air cleaner, but at least we now have a written statement that it is polluted. Isn’t that a great success?

Take a close look at the statistics on „Compliance with EU limits for air pollutants“. You will find that pollution levels are above the limits in most Member States. Unfortunately air knows no national borders.


And what do you do on this topic?


therapy appropriate for patients with COPDWe at AIRNERGY ensure with our technology that everyone has his or her own opportunity to breathe healthy – better: healthy air that is more energetic and not „only“ filtered. Now, immediately and at any place. The effect of AIRNERGY is solely explained by the biological importance of oxygen for recovery and regeneration in general. Every day more people understand this. It’s all a question of time before consumer awareness continues to rise and it is recognized that breathing „living air“ is often better than swallowing chemicals.

The scientific acknowledgements, confirmation from many years of practice by consumers and doctors, and the awards we regularly receive for this, confirm that we are on the right track.


So you have not only friends. The attacks against you – for example from the ranks of representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment – do not seem to stop.


This is a curse and a blessing at the same time – but ultimately a good thing. Because it proves once again that we are on the right track. Only those who take the interests of the established seriously will be attacked. When defending economic interests to the detriment of all our health, heavy artillery is fired.


You think so? After all, we live in a free, democratic Europe in which progressive thinking and action with regard to the environment and health has long been established.


Yes and no. For example, take a look at the reports about the fate of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior. It was sunk by French government agents for protesting against the nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll. A photographer was killed in the process. But back to the point:

Meanwhile we are pleased to note that the serious positive experience reports about the AIRNERGY therapy methods are constantly increasing. This applies in particular to the lung disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). According to the WHO, more than 600 million people are already affected. Tendency sharply rising. COPD patients who breathe AIRNERGY usually experience a significant benefit and an increase in quality of life and well-being. We accompany our customers on this path. Our work only really gets underway after the actual sale of the equipment. The support of our customers and their feedback have contributed significantly to the fact that AIRNERGY today enjoys this recognition. Although still not covered by the mainstream, it is on the right track overall.

The credible medical and patient records of healing processes and successes fill a rather respectable archive that is constantly growing. These are confidential documents that are subject to medical confidentiality. We are not allowed and we do not want to use them for our public relations work. But our medical advisory board evaluates these scientifically, statistically and verifiably.

Following the publication of the „Manual of Somatovital Therapy“ Part I (Theoretical Principles) and Part II (Studies and Practical Experiences), we expect the publication of Part III of this book series at the end of 2015. In it about 1,000 experience reports are scientifically evaluated. These field reports, which we receive thanks to the support and cooperation of our customers, confirm the correctness of our work and give us new motivation. And finally the truth with its facts will win.

In contrast, the attacks, which have been outdated for years and are always the same, are not relevant to us from the anonymity of the Internet, nor are they demotivating.The forum scene of the internet, here for example „psiram“ (formerly „Esowatch“), is of course perfectly suited as a platform for our critics, who are mostly professional bloggers and yet mostly anonymous, because they run their servers in a hidden way via Panama and Hong Kong. Despite having been invited several times, none of them has sat down at the table with us.

Our computer science experts have long since found out that behind the alleged diversity of contributions often one and the same „authors“ are hidden. Among them there are hardly any qualified experts, but many groups (also of contract critics), who have occasionally formulated several thousand entries. However, they are also against acupuncture or complementary medicine or against natural healing methods in general.
There are clear indications that such sham organizations are often sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. So much (also financial)effort is made to get one over on us? Then there must be something serious about AIRNERGY.

This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary – also a proof of our acceptance, thanks to the trust of our customers.

Besides, we cannot afford to spend too much energy on such things. Disregard as well as their anonymity does not deserve our attention. The application results to date have been published in specialist books and the trade press. Our daily work requires a spirit of innovation, intelligence and transparency. For this we invest our strength sensibly.


Who are the scientific carriers of this – as you call it – spirit of innovation in the commercial enterprise AIRNERGY?


Together with us – yet scientifically independent and free – works a renowned professor of medicine, a doctor of ethnology (Head of Science Coordination and Knowledge Management) in full-time employment; in addition, various doctors and complementary physicians, physicists, medical technologists, researchers and often former critics who have dealt with AIRNERGY in a scientifically objective manner – and subsequently understood the AIRNERGY principle.

Ultimately, each and every one of the patients who use AIRNERGY worldwide on their way to recovery is a quasi external member of our research team: their personal testimonials provide us with continuously reliable data for research and development. This experience is the basis of our success and can no longer be ignored. The evaluations show that about 80 percent of the interviewed customers who regularly use AIRNERGY themselves or prescribe it to their patients are satisfied with the results and their expectations are often exceeded. They are often amazed, but convinced.


What exactly does AIRNERGY technology do for our health?


For now about 15 years the methods – hand in hand with the mentioned (school-/) specialized physicians – achieve scientifically provable therapy successes often with with difficulty treatable disease pictures. The palette ranges over a broad field of complaints; we now also have a respectable wealth of experience on the lung disease COPD, but also on the difficult to cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD). These indications, i.e. COPD and AMD, are the focus of our future scientific study efforts. Here we are looking for constructive, scientific-practical exchange with cooperation partners such as medical specialists, clinics or self-help groups.

Recently, one of these independent specialists published a practical study in a very important other area: breast pain (mastodynia) in women. A further indication for AIRNERGY, specifically: for our product „Stream“ (i.e. for dermatovital therapy), which we had not been aware of up to now, but for which obviously highly significant successes were achieved. Which of course pleases us and the patients concerned even more. The study can be requested from AIRNERGY.


Is this specifically about prevention or therapy?


For both. Especially the treatment of diseases like COPD and AMD with AIRNERGY have become a focus of our work. The level of suffering among those affected is often very high, which is why, in addition to the aspect of healing, alleviation – in particular the increase in quality of life and well-being – plays a very important role. AIRNERGY can make a decisive contribution to this and bring about many positive effects. Every gain in quality of life counts.

Prevention is a very important issue in our society anyway. They save enormous costs and provide urgently needed manpower. With AIRNERGY we also make a significant contribution to this. However, the will and consciousness for precaution and thus self-responsibility is still, well let’s say, subject to the inner pig d…


If, like you, a successful concept in alternative or complementary medicine and naturopathy is spread internationally – isn’t there a danger of being illegally copied outside the borders of Europe?


Fortunately, this is not so easy given our enormous development effort and scientific lead. The AIRNERGY method with its complex background of medical expertise cannot simply be copied. And, of course, we have ensured legal certainty in terms of product protection.

However, the question of the situation outside Europe is justified. We had to learn in the past that in China, for example, they tried to find gaps in international (patent) law in order to copy AIRNERGY products cheaply and make the origin or proximity to AIRNERGY credible to potential customers. This is particularly dangerous because it happens without the necessary expertise and without any sense of responsibility towards users and patients.

If we take action against something like this with all means at our disposal, it is not only to prevent economic losses. We fight above all for the safety of our users. It is not for nothing that companies in the health sector, including ourselves, have to comply with the strictest international regulations.

We are subject to permanent control by national and international authorities. These we pass and fulfill. In the end, competition stimulates business and only harms the worse. AIRNERGY is not a discount product and medical technology from China will not prevail in our segment, i.e. the inhalation of energized air, for the time being. Our customers want to know what they breathe.


How exactly does this official control take place?


I explain this using the example of our medical device „Medical Plus“: This model was certified by the „Eurocat Institute for Certification and Testing“ in Darmstadt in late 2009. The device is officially approved as a medical device.


Why is the AIRNERGY project so important to you personally?


For many good reasons in the meantime, all of which have developed from one main motivation:

Many years ago, as a young person, I suffered a terrible accident. I already answered this question in an interview of three years, so only briefly:

I spent many months in hospitals, with severe pain. I experienced temporarily how it is to be dependent on a wheelchair.

During this time (by the way, I abstained from strong painkillers) I experienced in the hospital how patients and also I were additionally treated with oxygen. At that time, still subconsciously, I had the idea to make the medical use of oxygen my profession.

I worked intensively with researchers and developers on the AIRNERGY idea until it was ready for practical use. It is about quality instead of quantity of oxygen. Why give more oxygen when three-quarters of the oxygen in the air we breathe out unused anyway?

In the expenditure of the physician newspaper of 21.11.14, by the way the expenditure in which the report „AIRNERGY with the Science Award of the IPO excellently“ was published, one informed about studies, which proved that the increased oxygen gift causes rather damage than use.

We can assume, not least because of the therapy successes, experiences and feedback from our users, that we are on the right track with AIRNERGY and thus meet the requirements of our customers and today: A small contribution to the democratization of therapy and prevention. Without chemicals and expected side effects. In return, we wish our future customers the confidence to try something that your body has known forever. Because the forces of nature are wonderful, but you forget them until you experience them again.

The interview was conducted by Michael F. Koch (journalist at DFJV Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband).
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